MIG/MAG welding machines

Welding semi-automatic, this is the latest Welbee series. You just need to determine the current, material and wire thickness of the machine, and the machine adjusts other parameters. It has newly created synergistic lines, which creates an optimal welding arc for each seam.

Semi-automatic welding machines MIG/MAG advantages.

Provides high-quality pulsed welding with optimized signal control, depending on the type of metal welded. The stability of the welding arc is excellent even at extremely high welding speeds.

Products – semi-automatic welding machines.

These are economical welding devices. It has excellent welding characteristics for low-tensile welding and stainless steel and aluminum. Uncompromising leaders in the world of pulsed welding at an extremely competitive price. Welding current of up to 500 A (with a nominal operating cycle of 100%).

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