Hydrogen gas generators

Hydrogen gas generators  – unique system, which makes hydrogen gas from water. ATC Baltic works together with Oweld, the manufacturers of hydrogen gas generators. We offer you new and unique technology: welding, brazing and soldering with hydrogen gas.

Hydrogen gas generators properties.

HHo (mix of hydrogen and oxygen) flame is used for: manufacture of unique equipment, electric motor repair workshops, transformers, refrigerators, heat exchangers, air conditioners, solar collectors and more. When using Oweld hydrogen gas, the flame is 3x times hotter that regular propane-butane gas. For that reason metal oxide forms on the outside of the workpiece, rather than the inside. Brazing and soldering becomes much more faster, has better quality, are environmentally friendly and much safer for the worker.

Types of Hydrogen gas generators.

We offer you 6 different types with different capabilities: 20000HD, 30000HD, 10000EP, 4600EP, 2500EP. Every client can choose the model it needs for its desired application.

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