OTC Daihen welding robots. Robotics and their system installiation and maintenance
Welding can be easier and more effective together with OTC Daihen welding robots. New robots have even 7 axes, which increase productivity and accessibility. Read more
Manual MIG MAG TIG and plasma welding equipment
We offer high quality manual welding equipment for MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding processes. We represent and sell OTC welding equipment and Welbee power supply. It is of the highest quality and newest manual welding equipment with which you can gain best welding characteristics. Read more
Handling robots, Robotized conveyor belt system installiation, Handling- packaging robot systems

We offer you modern and effective handling, packaging technical solutions. We can offer you packaging robot system installation. Our experience and modern Japanese manufacturers OTC Daihen robots allow finding optimal solutions for your business and implementing technical packaging and handling solutions. Read more

AMF toggle clamps
We work together with leading toggle clamp Europe manufacturer (Andreas Maier), which supplies more than 5000 different products. This wide array of choices allows to meet all the client needs and requirements. Read more
Atlac Copco industrial assembling and grinding equipment

ATC Baltic work together with Swedish company Atlas Copco to be able to give customers high quality and precise products.Above all, manufacturing process is difficult, with many challenges and requires new technologies, so that manufacturing will not stop and is effective.Therefore, we offer you modern and effective assembling solutions, which guarantee workpiece quality and lesser time consumption. Read more

Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generator.

ATC Baltic are working together with Oweld oxyhydrogen gas generator manufacturers. We offer you new and unique technology: welding, brazing and cladding using hydrogen gas. Our partner Oweld created a unique system, which produces hydrogen gas from water. Read more

Koyo Giken table spot welders
We offer you high quality and exceptional Koyo giken table spot welders. Using unique table spot welder all solo work takes less time and money, reduction in the finishing work, productivity is increased up to 200%. We are official Koyo Giken representers in Lithuania. Read moe
Alunox ESAB Multimet welding materials

We work together with famous welding material suppliers Alunox, ESAB and Multimet. We offer you, our clients, high quality materials, which makes the welding easier and guarantees smooth welding process, with minimal material consumption. Read more

Welding booths-tables-air ir cleaning systems and tungsten electrode grinders
We design and install safe workspaces. Safe work solutions are our main goal. It is important that workspace is safe and avoids all the dangers to the people and the equipment. Our designed workspaces are of high quality and modern. Read more
Robotic Delfoi Offline programming. Robots control simulations

We offer you more intelligent, precise and easier robot programming together with Delfoi offline and FD-ST (OTC Daihen) robot teaching programs. Offline programming is type of programming in which you can simulate robots work in 3D environment. Read more

Robot welding equipment tools repairs and warantee maintenance.

All the required services ATC Baltic not only gives when purchasing the product, but also even after you purchased it. We care a lot for our clients, so our sold products are provided with quality care. Read more

Automatized welding solutions PROMOTECH
We offer you Promotech automatization solutions: portable, programmable welding and cutting carriages, which are used for welding long and quality seams. Read more
Technical consultation production analysis training
We offer you our experience and solutions, which guarantee you success and helps to achieve advantage over your competitors. About welding robots, welding equipment, handling, handling robots we know everything and want to share our experience and grow with you. Read more