Robotic system solutions for industry

Robotic systems, robot equipment and system integration, automation and service - Our experience and modern Japanese OTC Daihen robots allows us to find most suitable solutions for Your every packaging, palatalizing and welding solutions. We offer you a wide variety of products with different technical specifications, which will meet all your needs.


Robotic system integration in manufacturing processes 

  • Palatalizing, packaging technical solutions.
  • Production line integration.
  • SAS-automation, Schmalz grippers.
  • Faster and efficient palatalizing, leaving no marks on the product.
  • Manipulator working together with vacuum gripper and stamping machine, sheet separator and sheet positioning equipment.
  • Rack welding for painting chamber.
  • Welding seam and arc detection equipment.
  • Universal welding cell, which allows to weld and turn a workpiece at the same time. 
  • 7-axis welding system.
  • Robotic system with a "Low-Spatter" welding machine.
  • Robotic welding system with 2 work zones.
  • Arc and laser welding solutions. Grinding.

OTC AII-V133 integrated together with stamping machine.

OTC-Daihen Synchro-feed welding at JIWS.

Palatalizing robot OTC Daihen FD-V50.

OTC Daihen aluminum welding robotic system.

Industrial robots

Thanks to the great robot variety it is possible to accomplish various manufacturing tasks, starting from welding, ending with grinding, laser welding. OTC robots stand out from other manufacturers with their precision which is especially required for laser welding or grinding.

Advantages of robotic systems

  • We design, install and mount systems ourselves.
  • We will the best solution for every task at hand.
  • Optimized manufacturing solutions for your company.
  • Integrated production lines from start to end.
  • Precise and high quality OTC Daihen palatalizing and welding robots are chosen according to your technical specifications.
  • SAS-automation, Schmalz grippers are used together with robotic system solutions.

Robotic welding solutions - latest projects

OTC DAIHEN robot FD-B4L working on 10 m tracks with siegmund tool table

OTC Daihen FD-B4L robot together with OTC semi-automatic welding machine WB-P500L working on 10 m. tracks integrated with 2 Siegmund tool tables and 2 axes OTC positioners with maximum payload of 1000 kg. Tool table can be dismounted if needed. First ever in Europe installed OTC solution – Wireless teach pendant. There were also installed workpiece welding tracking control device.

Robotic packaging ant palatalizing solutions - latest projects