Tungsten electrode grinders

Tungsten electrode grinders

– practical, easy to use and precise way to grind tungsten electrodes for TIG welding. Electrodes can be ground at a desired angle.

Advantages of tungsten electrode grinders.

100% collection of all ground and cut particles, precise electrode grinding and cutting, minimal electrode usage. You will be able to achieve unparalleled precision. It is the best ergonomic decision.

We offer you these tungsten grinders:

NEUTRIX – portable grinding machine. Autogrind – a separate component for Ultima-Tig and Ultima-Tig Cut. ULTIMA-TIG-CUT – safe and environmentally friendly tungsten grinding and cutting machine, with which you will be able to adjust angle and length. ULTIMA TIG – is an unique tungsten electrode grinder with cooling. Machine is environmentally friendly, guarantees perfect electrode grinding and excellent TIG welding qualities

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