Portable electrode sharpening machine NEUTRIX

Portable electrode sharpening machine NEUTRIX for sharpening tungsten electrodes. These irengines do not pollute the environment and very qualitatively and accurately sharpen the electrodes for TIG and plasma welding. NEUTRIX sharpening machines are compact and lightweight, so they can be worked with where it is convenient. NEUTRIX has a box through which the operator can see the sharpening process
and can decide when the electrode will be properly sharpened. The minimum amount of defeated tungsten is 0.3 mm.

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  • Integrated dust collection system with replaceable filter
  • Triple use of a diamond sharpening disc
  • Easy use, the ability to select and capture the sharpening angle from 15-180°
  • Electrodes shorter than 15 mm can be sharpened
  • Comfortable and stable NEUTRIX working sole


The standard neutrix kit
is provided to the customer already fully complete. Electrode holders 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 mm. Holders of other dimensions are also possible. NEUTRIX has a CE marking and complies with all EU directives.


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