Tungsten electrode grinder ULTIMA-TIG

Tungsten electrode grinder ULTIMA-TIG is a patented electrode grinder with cooling. The machine is environmentally friendly, guarantees precise electrode grinding and excellent TIG weld qualities. ULTIMGA-TIG is very easy to use. Place electrode into the holder and set the necessary angle, then just place the electrode into the mounting and length setting place. After grinding you can smooth out electrode tip just by setting the grinding angle at 90 ° position and electrode tip will be grinded at your desired plane.

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  • During grinding all the dust is collected in a special container
  • Ideal for grinding at a selected angle
  • Combined electrode holder with lock and distance measurement. It allows electrode grinding up to 0.3 mm
  • Grinded electrode looks like it was polished, which guarantees arc stability and visibility
  • Longer service time for the same electrode
  • Easy to mount and clamp electrode
  • Electrode tip can be made dull up to 1/10mm, when there is a 90° angle
  • Grinding angle from 7.5-90° makes an electrode grinding precision for 15 – 180° angles

Standard unit includes
ULTIMA-TIG can be used with 220V and 110V. Complete with 2 cable, 250 ml grinding fluid, diamond disc, electrode clamp (1.6 mm – 3.2 mm), electrode holder, dust collector with grinding fluid and stainless steel stand. ULTIMA-TIG has CE marking and matches all EU standards.


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