Tungsten electrode grinder AutoGrind

Tungsten electrode grinder AutoGrind is a separate component, which is specially created for Ultima-Tig and Ultima-Tig-Cut. This component makes electrode grinding even easier and faster. AutoGrind consists of controller, grinding module and special electrode holder. Autogrind turns on grinder automatically, when grinding is started and turns off automatically, when grinding is finished.

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Electrode grinders AUTOGRIND advantages

  • Unparalleled precision
  • Faster grinding
  • More effective grinding
  • Ergonomic solution
  • AutoGrind is suitable for Ultima-Tig and Ultima-Tig-Cut machines

Electrode grinder AUTOGRIND assembled with:

  • Control box- 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Grinding module
  • Grinder mounting screws
  • Electrode holder
  • Cable set (mains cable for control box, connection cable for grinder)


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