Welding booths-tables-air ir cleaning systems and tungsten electrode grinders

We design and install safe workspaces. Safe work solutions are our main goal. It is important that workspace is safe and avoids all the dangers to the people and the equipment. Our designed workspaces are of high quality and modern.

Three different suppliers will satisfy every clients need. Welding materials meet every requirements in the standards.

We offer you:

  • Protection from welding sparks and splatters.
  • Welding curtains and welding belt protects passer-by from dangerous welding light and sound absorbing walls and flexible curtains lowers the noise from welding and grinding booths.
  • For safe and ergonomic workspaces, we offer high quality Siegmund welding tables, air filtering systems and Inelco tungsten electrode grinders.
  • With Inelco equipment grinded tungsten electrode offers smooth and precise TIG and plasma welding.

We are prepared to install safe worskpaces for your every need.