New DINSE Manual welding torch DIX MR 340 / MRZ 304 / MRZ 305 with fume extraction

Efficient fume extraction
The new DINSE fume extraction ensures the targeted extraction of welding fumes directly at the source. The extraction power is continuously adjustable. Excellent fume extraction is ensured even in the low-power range.


Optimal component access
The new welding torches boast an impressively slim design. Apparent contradictions such as efficient flue gas extraction, excellent component accessibility and a good view of the weld pool are seamlessly combined here.

Highly versatile
DINSE provides the right equipment for every application. The new flue gas extracting welding torches are available in gas- and water-cooled versions.

Unbeatable ergonomics
DINSE developers have completely redesigned the handle of the DIX MR 340, MRZ 304 und MRZ 305 by drawing on decades of experience and the latest ergonomic findings. A highly secure grip, precise handling and a greater range of movement characterize the new design. The switch is cut off from the flue gas stream and is optimally protected.


Greatly reduced weight
The welder benefits from the greatly reduced weight of the welding torch. Compared to other fume extraction torches all three variants are absolute lightweights on the market. The flexible cover hose makes for work that’s easy on the joints. The cover hose’s surface reduces friction on component surfaces.