Delfoi has released a new offline programming software which will bring the automotive robot efficiency also into steel structure industries.

Delfoi Auto ARC is new automatic offline programming software for robotitized arc welding of open steel structures, like construction beams, trusses, or ship blocks. The software is extremelly fast in generating fully functioning and collision free robot programs completely offline. The software is suited for one-of-a kind production and enables robotized welding without programming stoppages for tradionally manual work processes.

* The software has been developed together with major steel structure and robot welding experts.


Quick selection of welding seams or larger welding areas.

  • Can auto detect all the horizontal seams around a pointed feature (“Closed auto loop”)
  • Weld seam location data can be directly imported from TEKLA or other CAD systems, like SolidWorks
  • User can select\modify welding order.
  • User can choose the welding template for each weld (WCS file in IGM + wire angle, stick out, push\pull angle)




Automatic solving of welding points:

  • Solves collisions
  • Solves reachability issues
  • Solves joint limit issues
  • Able to try different robot arm configurations

Supported weld types:

  • Horizontal straight welds
  • Vertical straight welds
  • Beveled straight welds
  • U-shaped welds (welding around a sharp corner to the other side of the stiffener plate)

Suitable product types:

  • Construction beams and similar open structures
  • I-beams can be welded in I and H positions
  • Trusses
  • Ship Blocks