IMT M NiMoCr-2

Seamless, ball, metallic flux core, copper-plated welded wire. Suitable for one or several passes during welding. High-strength steels. Very low hydrogen content (HD <5ml / 100g) allows for high mechanical properties, with high impact resistance, at temperatures of -40 ° C.

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EN ISO 18276-A: T89 4 Mn2NiCrMo M M 2 H5

AWS A 5.28: E120C-GMH4

Chemical composition [%]:

C = 0,06;

Si = 0,50;

Mn = 1,60;

Ni = 2,20;

Mo = 0,40;

Cr = 1,00;

P < 0,025;

S < 0,025.

Mechanical properties:

Protective gas: M21 (Ar+CO2);

Re [MPa]: >960;

Rm [MPa]: >1080;

A5 [%]: >15;

KV [J]: >50 (-40°C) M21.



Welding positions:

Suvirinimo padėtys

Available diameters:

Vielų skersmenys-1

* other diameters available on request


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