Spot welding table NK-03H100-20-K-EZ

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„Easy Setting“ controller.  Welding parameters can be easily set by selecting material and its thickness, and everything else is done by “Easy Setting” controller. Thanks to innovative “Easy Setting” controller, table spot welder can be operated by worker with no additional training, which makes preparing for work much easier. Also MYSPOT tables stand out in their comfort. They don’t require much positioning precision and the worker maintains a comfortable work pose. Because of that, workers productivity doesn’t drop during the day and he can make more welds during the work day.


Technical specification

Power source
Rated capacity
40kVA AC380 ~ 480V 1Φ 50/60Hz
Gun type
Maximum current
12000 Amp
Air pressure
0.6 MPa
Electrode force
2.5 kN
Gun length
690 mm
Table size
Table height
600mm (fixed)
Cooling water
8.5L/min or more
Electrode tip
φ13 ar φ16 TAPA1/10
Cooling unit
Machine size
W 2000 x D 2000 x H 2535 mm
1750 Kg



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