FD-B4L model has lengthened arm, which increases robots reach. Integrated welding cables into the arc welding robot FD-B4L allows manipulator to reach event tight spaces and perform welding tasks inside. Thanks to compact design, robot doesn’t require a lot of space to perform welding tasks.

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  • Cables integrated into the manipulator: protects cables from damage during robot fast movements.
  • Expanded work zone: robots work zones has been expanded in the back.
  • Direct digital connection with OTC Daihen welding power source.
  • Increased collision sensitivity: collision sensitivity has been increased by 40% (compared to previous models).
  • New collision sensor with the torch: guarantees stable wire place during robots movements.
  • One supplier: every machine is manufactured by OTC Daihen.
  • Universal: work with most welding programs.

Additional information




4 kg

Maximum working range

R 2008 mm


280 kg

Installation method


Driving capacity

4650 W

Rotation/lower/upper arm

arm J1 [195°/s], J2, J3 [200°/s]

Swing/bending, torch

wrist J4, J5 [420°/s], J6 [600°/s]

Robot type

welding robot


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