IMT NiMoCr-2,5

GMAW solid wire coated with copper. This product is designed for semi-automatic welding with M21 (Ar + CO2) protective gas mixtures. The IMT NiMoCr-2.5 wire is suitable for high performance steel welding, requiring high impact resistance at low temperatures.

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EN ISO 16834-A: G Mn3Ni2,5CrMo

AWS A 5.28: ER110S-G

Chemical composition [%]:

C = 0,07;

Ni = 2,50;

Si = 0,50;

Mo = 0,45;

Mn = 1,50;

Cr = 0,30.

Mechanical properties:

Protective gas: M21;

Re [MPa]: >800;

Rm [MPa]: >900;

A5 [%]: >17;

KV [J]: >47 (-50°C) .



Welding positions:

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Available diameters:

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* other diameters available on request


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