Portable electrode grinder NEUTRIX

Portable electrode grinder NEUTRIX, used to grinder various tungsten electrodes. These grinders are environmentally friendly and work with high quality and precision, to achieve high quality electrodes for TIG welding. Neutrix stands out for its small size and light weight, so you are able to work wherever comfortable. Neutrix even has a small window through which operator can see the grinding process, and can make when the electrode has been grinder accordingly. Min. possible grind is 0,3 mm.
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  • Integrated dust collection system with changeable filter
  • 3 positions of diamond disc give optimal utilisation
  • Easy to use, availability to chose and fix grinding angle from 15-180°
  • Min. length for grinding electrode: 15 mm
  • Comfortable and stable NEUTRIX stand


Standard unit includes
NEUTRIX is fully prepared for work, before given to the customer. Electrode holders are: 1,6, 2,4 and 3,2 mm. We can also provide holders for different diameter electrodes.  NEUTRIX has CE marking and meets every requirement made by the EU.


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