Ball-Joint (with hinge)


»Flexible and easy to remove smoke
»Extraction at one or more jobs, for use in industry
»Connecting to a fan or pipe system

Special features:

»Turning range:
– When mounted on ceilings – 360 degrees
– at the wall mounting – 180 degrees
»Construction of the outer axle
»Free air flow inside the sleeve
»Gas springs for easier work
»Optional: Valves for the desired airflow control
»Optional: installation of lighting
»Optional: ATEX version

For more information:

ESTA Extraction sleeve (Ball-Joint LT 2017 from catalog)



Hinged extraction sleeve, for welding:

Technical information:

Hinged extraction sleeve
with oval nozzle
⌀ 80 ⌀ 100 ⌀ 125 ⌀ 140 ⌀ 150 ⌀ 160 ⌀ 180
Length / order no.
2000 mm 80.202D 10.202D 12.202D 14.202D 15.202D 16.202D 18.202D
3000 mm 80.302D 10.302D 12.302D 14.302D 15.302D 16.302D 18.302D
4000 mm 10.402D 12.402D 14.402D 15.402D 16.402D 18.402D
Hinged extraction sleeve
with square nozzle
⌀ 80 ⌀ 100 ⌀ 125 ⌀ 140 ⌀ 150 ⌀ 160 ⌀ 180
Length / order no.
2000 mm 10.203D 12.203D 14.203D 15.203D 16.203D 18.203D
3000 mm 10.303D 12.303D 14.303D 15.303D 16.303D 18.303D
4000 mm 10.403D 12.403D 14.403D 15.403D 16.403D 18.403D



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