ESTA OMF dust extractors

These stationary dust extractors are equipped with an integrated spark pre-separator.

Just like the OM devices, the OMF small dust extractors have many uses on dust-producing machines. They are suitable for almost any type of dust and can also be used for applications with flying sparks. The integrated spark pre-separator prevents damage to the bag filter and greatly lengthens its life. The OMF small extractors are designed both for occasional use as for continuous operation with moderate amounts of dust.




Model OMF-8 OMF-10 OMF-12
Max. Airflow m³/h 500 600 800
Intake diameter mm 80 80 150
Max. negative pressure Pa 1.600 1.500 1.800
Voltage V 400 400 400
Motor kW 0,55 0,55 1,10
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 550 x 550 x 1.120 550 x 550 x 1.120 550 x 550 x 1.165
Overall depth mm 670 670 670
Weight kg 65 65 85
Sound level dB(A) 68 68 74
Order Number 21.308 21.310 21.312






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