Acoustic exhaust booths

Reduce sound by combining effective smoke and dust extraction.

Most manufacturing processes require full or partial workplace isolation. ESTA offers acoustic cabins capable of being completely insulated and qualitatively cleansing the air inside them. The customer can choose an integrated lighting, a door, a quick opening door or a gate and dimensions suitable for him. The room is ideally suited for work with ESTA extraction systems or for connection to an existing filtration system.

ESTA Acoustic Cabin (LT Brochure 17-18)



Insulated cabins123456
Occupied areaapprox m²4,06,59,516,520,525,0
Capasityapprox m³10,018,527,047,058,576,5
Exhausted air capasityapprox m³/h3.5004.3755.2507.0008.70010.500
Rear exhaust wall**Quantity111222
Portal with support in the middleQuantity11
Order no. 300085003000850230008505300085103000851430008518

* = Outside dimensions (walls widths – 60 mm)

** = Extension dimensions (width x height x depth) 1,000 x 1,000 x 500 mm, with large parts
drawer, integrated 60 mm wide rear wall, air intake connection DN 315 mm


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