TIG welding machines

TIG welding machines are created with simple and smart controller. Stable arc guarantees ideal welding results. It demonstrates best arc start characteristics. One of the main advantages of the economic TIG machines is that it is very easy to use and their maintenance is low cost.

TIG welder types, TIG welding.

Welbee T500P welding machines are dynamic and has seamless current adjustment from 2-500 A – 0,1 A step (up to 10 A). OTC also has economic TIG machines such as DTX2500, DTX1800, DTX1801, DT-300PII and other, suited for industrial TIG welding.

TIG welding machines.

Welbee welders have special sinergetic functions, especially designed for correcting welding mistakes and maintaining correct weld seam geometry. OTC DAIHEN TIG welding machines are ergonomic and are easy to handle. We teach and consult on how to use these machines.

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