MMA welding machines

Welding with electrodes, MMA welding machines – Welding with electrodes is the simplest, oldest, most popular and universal welding mode.

Welding electrodes.

For different materials and constructions (heaters, pipeline) is used for manufacture of different electrodes.

MMA welding machines.

OTC Daihen offers easy and simple MMA welding machines. DTX welding machines are created for special repair jobs. They are designed in a way that it meets all the necessary safety, reliability and design requirements of today.  Special functions:  “Hot start” – automatically increases voltage by 50% for 0,5 seconds; “Arc force” – automatically increases voltage by 30% for 100ms; “Anti-stick function” – machine turns it self of automatically after 1,5 seconds if it detects overheating or short circuits.

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